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Trevor Aird Lts 


We teach people a greater understanding of how their minds work.

Applications: Mental Wellbeing , Presenting Skills, Confidence building.

Hi I’m trevor

Years ago I qualified in NLP as a trainer

I have worked with clients suffering from self esteem confidence and phobias.

I specialise in Stage presenting and video creation and marketing.

I help people helping solopreneurs to present their message with confidence.

Recently I have been studying and teaching the 3 principles which are awesome for life fulfillment and change. Equally applicable in business too.

My passion is music, acting, intuition, spirituality, psychology and stand up comedy

People say I have a lightness of touch and my coaching get results.

I teach people to access the wisdom they already have inside and be the best they can be.

Passionate about personal and spiritual development

We focus on the wellbeing of our clients.

Know thyself is our motto. Anything is possible you already have everything youneed inside.