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Folly Pogs (FM Philanthopists) Fibromyalgia Research UK  


Fibromyalgia is hereditary and the ‘rogue gene’ often remains dormant until stress, trauma, even a house move or viral infection triggers it. From then on you will live in a world that does not understand your pain 24/7, the chronic fatigue, sleeplessness, cognitive behaviour, depression, IBS, RLS and 50 other nasty symptoms, as you look so well.  Folks and family often do not understand your invisible disability.

I was leading my life at 100mph when fibromyalgia struck me. I thought I would never walk again but positive thinking and friendship got me back on my feet and I have just finished my 3rd fibromyalgia conference. Folly Pogs is struggling for recognition, donations, sponsorship, runners and walkers to support our ’Cause for a Cure’.

If you know someone who has mysterious floating pains – pains their GP does not recognize, it could be fibromyalgia. Get in touch, and I will try to put them in touch with a support group to talk to like-minded people. This can be a life changing experience for someone with fibromyalgia. Suicides are not uncommon following isolation and depression. Everyone deserves a chance in life.  We want to find a cure to change those lives.