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Folly Pogs Fibromyalgia Research UK 


Folly Pogs is a young charity passionae about finding a cure for fibromyalgia and the cause. It is hereditary, victimises mainly women. There are 2.7 millon already diagnosed in the UK and the USA claim it is reaching worldwide epidemic proportions.

We  believe many people have these mysterious floating pains and remain undiagnosed due to lack of educationof our GPs.   It is an invisible disability as we look so well but suffer pain 24/7, chronic fatigue, sleep disorder, cognitive behaviour, depression, migraines, cramps and many more nasty symptoms.  Stress,  trauma and a viral infection can trigger  fibromyalgia which is  sometimes seen a children’s growing pains, tiredness in a teenager,  and misery when you have a fibro flare.  

There is no Govt. funding for reseach so we are trying to move mountains. It is an uphill struggle and really worth while if we  can protect the little children of tomorrow. In many families it is now in the third generation. We need your help to help others, and to find funds from grant making trusts to encourage more research.  Our only income is a few donations and the residue of funds from the annual National Fibromyalgia Conference in Chichester. This is educational and with fun and laughter. Please help. We really need your expertise to highlight the ‘cinderellas’ of the medical world. Look forward to hearing from you  Jeanne