Natures Way - CSR Example 

Natures Way Foods Ltd

Natures Way Foods Ltd launches their new Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy and make links to the Skillshare West Sussex scheme. Sarah Baldock, Head of Sales and Marketing said,

“We operate an active Volunteering Scheme within the  Natures Way Foods Community Plan.  This offers all full time employees the opportunity to spend one working day in the community as a volunteer, using their existing skills or learning new ones.  Through our Volunteering Scheme we have forged positive relationships with local charities and organisations, where employees have helped to rebuild a school vegetable garden, redecorated a village hall and charity office and participated in conservation days.  Our volunteers have enjoyed these experiences and have valued the chance to work outside the business and give something back to their community.  We hope that through the new Skills Share website we can grow the engagement of our Volunteering scheme and continue to put our skills and expertise to good use.”

To view Natures Way volunteering policy, follow this link