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Jake Jordan - Jake Jordan 

I am a person who enjoys learning, whether it is knowledge or hands on skills, but also sharing these with others. This encourages myself to learn more than a required task to better understand its workings.

Through working as a chef for two years I have learnt efficent cooking methods, styles and techniques, which ultimatley was by chance of being in the right place at the right time.

I have gained broad understandings and concepts of mental disorders, current issues from both patient and professional perspectives, hands on knowledge and a good transferable statistic capability from a degree in Psychology and a MSc in Neuropsychology.

Researching and data analysis are contributional skills, which I believe can direct or shape an organisation. With this I can offer involvement in creating promotion, activities, projects and events from personal academic projects alongside the experience from jobs of structuring collegues within a criteria based enviroment.

I enjoy creating art, keeping upto date in the world of science and trying out new activities.