Business Volunteering 

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What is Employee Volunteering and why should your business get involved?

Employee Volunteering (or Employer Supported Volunteering) is good for business! Not only do the individuals get to feel that they are making a difference personally, but they can gain transferable skills, improve working relationships, connect more with local communities and have fun with their workmates! Add to all that the improved reputation of your company in the local area, and you can see why the benefits of allowing your staff time away from work to volunteer far outweigh the costs.

Gaining skills…

Studies have shown that the skills individuals can learn whilst volunteering are widely transferable to their workplace. Increased skill levels in communication, leadership, using initiative and teamwork have all been shown to result from employee volunteering.

Team building/boosting morale…

Volunteering within a team has been found to boost staff morale and lead to a more motivated and engaged workforce. A team that are able to work together on a voluntary project, making a difference to their local community and witnessing real and visible outcomes, are able to build better working relationships  and report higher commitment to their employers.

Company Reputation…

As well as building a more committed and engaged workforce, taking part in voluntary work also allows the company to invest in the local community and boost the company’s reputation within that area. An improved reputation amongst staff, consumers and stakeholders can only benefit a company’s business model.

Get involved…

If a team of workers from your company would like to volunteer anything from a few hours to 10 days to a local community group, please have a look on our opportunities page to see what organisations are looking for.  If there is nothing that matches what you’d like to do, then why not register an offer? There are lots of organisations that will gladly make use of your team, and you can make a real difference to the local community.